kidnapping,feminization and forced oral servitude

I had a call a few weeks ago that was a lot of fun. It was a kidnapping call. .I had been checking M out for weeks. Where we went who he spent time with. The longer I watched him the more I thought to myself that he just might make a fine sex slave.

Then I decided to myself if he did in fact make a fine sex slave that I would not seek ransom from his girlfriend or even bother her with it. I would simply use him for my own pleasure.

M was easy prey, he didn’t pay a bit of attention to his surroundings in the big city. Amazingly enough he never heard my heels as I approached him with my knife in the alley.He started mumbling and moaning against my hand as I had thrown it over his mouth to quiet him. I ordered him to shut up and go with me unless he wanted to be hurt.

I got him in my van, and threw the door closed behind us. I climbed on top of him and hogtied him , gagged him with a whiter bandana and then blind folded him with another one. The ropes tight against his wrists and ankles.I climbed to the driver’s seat to take off.

I made several turns around and around so that he couldn’t possibly know which direction we were going . Once we got to my driveway I drive around back I had left the gate open before I left. I untied his legs and helped him into the house. I then attatched a collar and a leash and guided him to my room still gagged, still blindfolded.

I assured him his screams would go unheard but not to scream b/c it would only anger me. As I removed the gag he was asking, who I was, what I wanted from him. He began offering me money, a car etc.. anything to save his life. he begged me not to call his girlfriend and involve her. I told him if he could keep me happy then she need not be involved anyway.

Want to hear the rest or maybe act out a similar fantasy with me? Give me a call at 1-866-MY-FETISH

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